Lake Stevens, Washington

Why Lake Stevens is a Great Place to Live…

Lake Stevens was first settled in 1886 on a 160-acre homestead along the eastern lakeshore. By 1890, the first town in the area, “Ferry,” was established.

From the 1920s to the 1950s, Lake Stevens was primarily a resort community

In 1960, Lake Stevens incorporated as a City, with a population of 900. Soon, its popularity and natural beauty, combined with changing commuter habits, attracted more and more residents, changing its character to that of a suburban community.

By 2008 the City had grown to a population of 14,554 and an urban growth area of approximately 17,000 people

The lake remains the focal point of the greater Lake Stevens community for recreation, and as a symbol of our need to provide for a sustainable existence that will protect our natural environment.

Info courtesy of City of Lake Stevens website

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