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4 bedroom home for sale in Lake Stevens

4 bedroom home for sale in Lake Stevens

Beautiful 2 1/2 year old home in Whispering Meadows. Home is on a large 6,000 sq. ft. lot with a gorgeous greenbelt in the back. Located
in a fabulous new neighborhood and a short walk to the incredibly updated Lundeen Park.

4 bedrooms and 2.25 baths. An open floor plan greets you as you enter the home. Upgrades galore: 42″ upper white cabinets, stainless steel appliance package, double-oven, granite counter tops and stunning laminate flooring all through the main floor, quartz counter tops in bathrooms. Energy efficient furnace and hot water heater.

Partially covered huge deck great for entertaining and BBQ’s even in the rain. Fully fenced yard and so much more.


November 2018 – Newsletter

November 2018 – Newsletter


The holidays are upon us! Stay safe this holiday season with the tips below, then read on to discover how to keep your home warm and draft-free through the winter. But don’t worry, they won’t take long, so you’ll still have plenty of time to celebrate with your family and friends this holiday season! Also, if you’re thinking about selling your home, check out the info below on why you should consider getting a pre-inspection before putting your home on the market. And if you have any questions, let me know! I’m always here for you.

Holiday Proof Your Home

To-do lists can get pretty long during the holidays with all of the decorating, cleaning, and gift buying involved. As a result, it’s easy to overlook important safety concerns. Take action to protect your home and family this holiday season with these easy tips!


The holidays are a popular time to go visit friends and family, but before you load up the car, make sure your home is ready for your absence. Most importantly, don’t broadcast your planned absence on social media or on the streets because people you don’t know could easily intercept that information, break in, and wreak havoc.

When you travel, take your home security a step further by automating your lights to make it seem like someone is home. Timers are one way to accomplish this. You can also monitor your home using nanny cams, security cameras, and other devices that let you watch or listen in on the goings-on of your home.


In the closet, under the bed, and behind furniture are some of the first places a burglar (or your kids) will look for valuable Christmas gifts. Consider renting a lockbox or storage unit to keep your gifts in until Christmas Eve. If that’s not an option, store your gifts in an old cardboard box in the basement, attic, or garage instead of in shiny, appealing paper in the closet.

After the Holidays

Placing empty boxes for expensive goods on the curb for pickup is like making a shopping list for robbers. Instead, break the boxes down and put them in non-opaque trash bags or drive your Christmas boxes to the local dump yourself. 

Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying it: winter is almost here. Now’s the time to make sure you’re ready to weather the cold and keep your home warm this winter. Here are some things you should consider touching up on in your home to be prepared for winter.

Furnace – The most obvious way to keep your home warm is to make sure the heater is in good working order. Start by changing the air filter to increase the airflow, then schedule a tune-up with a licensed technician who can clean, lubricate, and adjust the furnace for maximum efficiency.  

Doors – If you have gaps under doors, you’re going to end up with cold drafts coming in and hot air flowing out. You can add rubber to the bottom of your doors to fill the gap or purchase some temporary draft snakes. You can even use rolled up towels as a short term solution.

Pipes – Water pipes freezing is a common problem during winter. This is because as the water freezes, it expands, causing extensive damage to your plumbing if the pipe bursts. To prevent this, make sure your pipes are insulated, stripped, and caulked. It also helps to keep the heat on in the house.

Fireplace – A fireplace is a great way to keep your family warm…if you’ve taken the steps to use it safely. Part of that is taking time to schedule a deep clean and inspection. Also, always remember to keep pets and children away from the flames and to keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

Why You Should Consider Paying for a Pre-Inspection

The uncertainty of selling your home can be stressful. You’re left wondering if the timing of your home sale and your new living arrangements will line up right. Will you be able to get what you deserve for your home? Will the buyer follow through? One thing you can do to alleviate some of these concerns is to have a pre-inspection done before you list your home.

Most pre-inspections cost around $350, but that price can vary based on the market and the size of your home. Although it may seem redundant because your buyer will likely insist on a new inspection as well, there are many benefits to doing a pre-inspection.

– A clean inspection can give potential buyers peace of mind and make them more confident about putting in an offer on your home.

– You’ll know the true condition of your home’s systems and structure, including the heating and cooling, water heater, plumbing, electrical, attic, basement, exterior, and more. This will help you decide on a fair price for your home.

– Some inspectors will give your home a “Move In Certified” credential after your pre-inspection, provided your home doesn’t need major repairs.

Even if your pre-inspection reveals significant problems, you’re still a step ahead. If the problems aren’t discovered until after an offer is made, your buyer may back out of the deal. Knowing beforehand allows you to make the necessary repairs or take the issue into consideration when pricing your home.

We hope this information helps you stay safe and warm over the winter! If you or someone you know is thinking about making a move, give us a call! I’ll be glad to help.

Mike Kellogg and Sheli Kellogg


4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home for sale in Lake Stevens

4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home for sale in Lake Stevens

Beautifully cared for split level home on 1/2 acre lot in commuter friendly Lake Stevens location, great neighborhood and Snohomish schools.

Stunning hardwood floors, vaulted ceiling with ceiling fan, freshly painted inside, wood burning fire place, large windows for added natural light.

Upper level has master bedroom with a 3/4 bathroom, 2 bedrooms and a full bath. Lower level has 4th bedroom, a 3/4 bathroom, laundry room and large family/rec. room.

Large new deck and large patio for entertaining or play area. Possible RV/boat parking.

3 year old roof, 1 year old deck, 4 year old hot water tank, new inside paint, new microwave and ceiling fan.

Click here to see more:  https://rem.ax/2DqOzNo


October 2018 – Newsletter

October 2018 – Newsletter


Hope you’ve had a great October! With Halloween fast approaching, I’ve put together a list of last-minute Halloween decorations you’ll love. So what are you waiting for? Pull out those art supplies and let’s get decorating!

If you’ve already finished your Halloween preparations, there’s something for you too. Read on to discover the three things you need to know before submitting an offer on a house, as well as the best investment you can make during the first five years in your home.


Last Minute Halloween Decorations

Creating festive Halloween decorations doesn’t have to be super spooky or take a whole lot of time. Find fun, family-friendly ways to get your home ready for trick-or-treaters in record time below!

Chalkboard Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins takes a lot of time and preparation. This year, skip a few steps and apply a coat of chalkboard paint to the outside of your pumpkins instead. Chalkboard paint comes in classic black as well as plenty other fun colors, giving you room to be unique. After you’ve coated the pumpkin, wait until the paint dries then write a fun Halloween message or draw a pumpkin face on the surface with chalk. Make a mistake? Just erase it and try again.

Bring in the Great Outdoors

Fallen leaves, acorns, pinecones, and straw can all add a fun, festive air to your home. Check for bugs, then spread your finds across accent tables, put them in a decorative bowl, or make a wreath from them.

Leaf Ghosts

While you’ve got an armful of leaves, paint a few of the larger, stronger leaves white. Once the paint dries, use a black marker to draw a spooky face for a quick, easy ghost!

Mummify Your Door

Don’t wait for someone else to start the “trick” part of trick or treat. Start the season off a step ahead by TP-ing your front door! A few strips of toilet paper going from side to side on your door plus a couple of construction-paper pupils are all it takes to create a fun, mummy affect on your front door.


3 Things to Know Before You Make an Offer on a House

Buying a home is a goal most people share – it’s a great investment, a chance to build equity, and it offers a certain amount of stability that you don’t get as a renter. However, you have to find the right house first.

Set a Realistic Budget

Buying a home is a very long-term commitment. So before you start scrolling through listings or popping into open houses, you need to determine how much house you can realistically afford. Think about expenses that could come up in the next five to seven years and account for them in your housing budget. Your pets may need surgeries, your air conditioning unit may break down, and any number of other expenses may pop up. Set yourself up for success by setting a realistic housing budget for yourself – one that doesn’t exceed 28% of your gross income.

Get Your Money in Order

It takes years of work to get your credit and finances ready to buy a house. The buying process itself can go by in a flash. Be sure to have your money in order before you put in an offer. This will help prevent last minute disappointments caused by insufficient funds. Some things you may need to fund include inspections, earnest money, closing costs, and of course your down payment.

Don’t Skip Inspections

A common misconception people have is that putting in an offer means you’re going to buy the house. In reality, submitting an offer is usually just the first step toward deciding if you’ll buy. Before buying, you’ll still need to go through a lengthy inspections period to check for unseen problems. Although it can be tempting to speed up your sale by skipping inspections, it’s important to play it safe. Your inspectors will check for mold and pests, inspect the condition of the foundation and crawl spaces  they’ll even tell you if the slope of the yard could cause problems with flooding and erosion.


Best Investments for the First 5 Years in Your Home

Whether you plan to live in your house for the next 15-30 years or just the next 5-7 years, you’ll want it to feel like home. Some upgrades, remodels, and refurbishes with great bang for your buck are below!

Kitchen Remodel

Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s one of the most important rooms for both you, and, if you ever sell, your future buyers. Remodeling your kitchen can make the whole house better. Some things you may consider updating include the cabinet doors, countertops, wallpaper/paint, and appliances.

Curb Appeal

Making your home and yard look appealing is a great step to take in your first five years. You’ll be happier with your house, and when you eventually sell, buyers will get a positive first impression of your property. Pressure washing, adding a fresh coat of paint, or putting up new siding can make a huge difference to the house overall. Planting some greenery on either side of a freshly painted door can also add to your curb appeal.

Go with Energy-Saving Options

Your washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, toilet, and even light bulbs can cause a higher than necessary power bill. Replacing non-energy-efficient appliances early will save you money down the road. You may also want to look into energy-efficient windows.

Before you can start investing in your home, you have to find it. If you or someone you know is ready to find their next home, give me a call!

How to Sell Your Home Fast – 9 Tips

How to Sell Your Home Fast – 9 Tips


How To Sell Your Home Fast – 9 Tips!

Tip #1 – Get professional pictures taken of your home. In this day and age the chances are the 1st time a potential buyer is going to see your home is online. Make sure that your agent hires a professional photographer for your listing. You need to make that 1st impression positive for your home. We always hire a professional to take our listing pictures. Keith Spence with KJS Design and Photography does a great job for us.

Tip #2 – Catch up on any deferred maintenance issues, both inside and outside. A home that has been well maintained will always out sell one that has not.

The single biggest task you can do for maintenance is painting. There’s an old saying that says paint covers a multitude of sins and it it true. Keep up on the painting both inside and out.

The second biggest task you can do is look for water damage. We are surrounded by water here in the Northwest. It’s in the air, it’s on the ground, it’s everywhere. Address any water damage done on both the inside and out. Trim, siding, under cabinets and in your crawl space.

Tip #3 – Curb appeal is important for that first in-person visit. The entrance to your home needs to be inviting. Make it clean, simple and bright. Pay attention to the landscaping, paint on the trim, the fencing, walkway and driveway. Ask yourself will a potential buyer fell welcomed when approaching your home

Take a look at these pictures from our listing in Granite Falls.



Tip #4 – Declutter and depersonalize your home the interior of your home. A simple and clean approach to decorating is good for showing your home. Potential buyers want to see themselves in the home, not you. Don’t try to impress a buyer with your decorating skills, it’s about the buyer not you.

Tip #5 – In the Northwest with our gray skies most of the year it’s important to have a well lit home and bright home. Windows and lights are important. If possible updating lights to the whiter LED lights will help.

If you have a showing of your home, open all the window shades or blinds and turn on all the lights! You want your home bright!

Tip #6 – Upgrade your hard surfaces if you have the resources. Counter tops, flooring and cabinet updates will go a long way in helping your home sell fast. Look at the hard surfaces on this home we listed in Lake Stevens.

Tip #7 – Highlight the special features that your home might have. This is what makes your home stand out and be unique in the market. In this listing the seller had a really nice deck, big back yard, hot tub, and shed.

Tip #8 – Interior paint colors can make a big difference on the impression of your home from a buyer’s point of view. Keep the color scheme neutral, buyer’s don’t like to see wide color schemes. Your favorite sports team colors do not impress buyers.

Tip #9 – Price your home to sell. Don’t depend on the Automated Valuation Model websites to price your home. Hire a professional real estate broker who will help price your home to sell. Buyer’s will always look at a home that is priced right, if they see a home for sale that seems high priced they will not look at it.

Give us a call if you need help selling your home. Our focus is to provide the best results and service in the industry.

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